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Resoundingly Human

Jul 23, 2021

Even with the 2020 presidential election now months behind us, the topic of election security is still making headlines with numerous states introducing new legislation. While some are aimed at increasing accessibility, others would enact more restrictions, but overall these are all again raising questions about voter security and ballot integrity.

And as we look back at the 2020 elections, and ahead to the upcoming municipal and midterm elections, how can voter security be better ensured in a way that doesn’t lead to voter suppression?

Joining me to share valuable, data-based insight is Josh Dehlinger with Towson University. We’ll review what we learned during the 2020 elections when mail-in ballots played an unprecedented role due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, discuss some of what is currently unfolding on the national stage in regard to new legislation and election audits, as well as where efforts (and funding) should really be focused to ensure our voting system remains secure and accessible to all.