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Resoundingly Human

May 27, 2024

Looking back, I think we can all recognize and appreciate the role that our parents played in shaping who we are. But have you ever thought about the impact you had on your parents, how they view themselves and others?

For this episode, we’re going to turn the tables and take a look at the role that children can have on shaping and influencing their parents, specifically, how having daughters can shape how men view and interact with women in the workplace, especially men in leadership roles. This is also known as the daughter effect.

I’m thrilled to introduce Zhiyan “Z” Wu with Erasmus University and Lucia Naldi with Jönköping University, who collaborated with their fellow authors on a study recently published in the INFORMS journal Management Science titled “Learning from Their Daughters: Family Exposure to Gender Disparity and Female Representation in Male-Led Ventures.”