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Resoundingly Human

Mar 18, 2020

In the past week alone, much has occurred in regard to the growing impact of the coronavirus, or COVID-19, in the U.S. As the number of confirmed cases of the virus across the country continues to increase, travel to the U.S. from Europe has been significantly restricted and state and local governments are taking equally assertive precautions. In the INFORMS home state of Maryland alone, the governor has issued a state of emergency that includes closing schools and other public institutions, banning large gatherings, and instructing people to isolate themselves from others. 

As these restrictions take effect, and people nationwide prepare to sequester themselves and their families for an extended period of time, store shelves are being emptied of essential items. As we look ahead with uncertainty as to how long the coronavirus will continue to be a threat, and the growing potential for supply chain disruptions, concern is building regarding further shortages.

To discuss how the coronavirus is impacting supply chains world-wide, I am joined by Tinglong Dai, who is an Associate Professor of Operations Management and Business Analytics at the Johns Hopkins University Carey Business School; and Sridhar Tayur, who is an INFORMS Fellow, University Professor of Operations Management at the Tepper School of Business at Carnegie Mellon University, and Founder of SmartOps and OrganJet.