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Resoundingly Human

Feb 5, 2021

While we all may be aware, particularly after the recent U.S. elections, of the presence of false or automated accounts on social networking sites, their true impact is still unfolding. These accounts, also known as bots, spread misinformation which at best can pollute our feeds with false or misleading information, and at worst can significantly impact our opinions and influence world events and narratives. And despite the significant efforts of social networks to detect and address their bot problems, they still remain a serious issue.

Joining me to share his thought-provoking research and provide insight on the impact of bots on social networks is Tauhid Zaman, associate professor at Yale University. His study, “Detecting Bots and Assessing their Impact in Social Networks,” is selected for publication in the INFORMS journal Operations Research and will be published later this year.